Ownership is structured through:

  1. A cooperative, chama, or similar group.
  2. Rozabod title for each households
  3. Auxiliaries are jointly owned by all Mtaala households.


    The prospective homeowner gains a Rozabod through joining a group

  1. Group forms and contracts Bomakazi systems
  2. Group fulfills financial conditions by:
  3. Paying a 10 % deposit from savings or bridging loan, or,
  4. Entry into binding tenant purchase agreement with SACCO or other financier.
  5. Undergoing Rozabod operational training.
  6. Occupy Rozabod after construction completion in 1-2 years
  7. Operate the Rozabod in accordance to:
  1. Lessons in the pre-occupation training
  2. Instructions from the Mtaala administration and auxiliary operators


    Support by SACCO’s allow occupation in 1-2 years by:

  1. Tenant purchase agreement, or,
  2. Mortgage with down payment bridging loan
  3. Bomakazi alternative finance system makes repayment virtually unnoticeable.