Growing partnerships including:

  1. Works Directorate, Housing and Youth Affairs Departments
  2. The Treasury, Kenya Vision 2030 and BORAQS
  3. Prominent Kenyan bank
  4. A pan- African Development Bank


  1. Partnership - Government - Financier - Client- Consultant
  2. Inaugural Project Execution Umbrella including research, academic, quasi-governmental, pan-African, faith-based and other eligible organizations.

Partnership roles

All partners gain within their individual constitutions and ethos.

  1. Client - Presents Homeowners’ body, mortgage equity and subsequent, related investments.
  2. Financier - Provides funding on terms throughout project life-cycle.
  3. Government - Affords land, enabling atmosphere, training and other facilities.
  4. Consultants’ consortium - Provides base, cohesive socio-technical ideas, executing professional inputs and management,

Interested parties are invited for further structured discussion