The 17 terms below occur in Bomakazi, general construction program planning, design and management. Some are new, uncommon or specialized. Please contact the author for any desired clarifications.
Term Explanation and meaning
AfDB African development bank
African civilization The characteristic culture, science, industry, and government permeating African societies over in Africa’s 7500-year written history with values including community consciousness, cosmopolitanism, resource abundance, agricultural proclivity, territoriality, optimism, social collectivity and material solidarity.
African heritage Resources including community consciousness, cosmopolitanism, resource abundance, agricultural proclivity, territoriality, optimism, social collectivity and material solidarity occurring in in Africa’s 7500-year written history, supporting the longest civilization globally.Such attributes enabled the Africans build very stable societies including the 3,000 year ancient Egyptian state.
Bomakazi Systems A physical and virtual Bomakazi management firm that•Coordinates and manages the training of stakeholders•Oversees Artisan cooperative formation, equipping and function; Research, curricula development and patents prosecution; Quality control, certification of payments; Artisan cooperatives deployment, work schedules, contracts and wages.•Provides process continuity, scheduling and distributing the national work load.•,Governs relations with regulatory bodies and financiers•,Delivers on other functions as they arise.
Bomakazi –The Sustainable shelter and employment generation paradigm. A model using Appropriate Building Materials and Technology as well as African heritage within the larger eco-technology and inherent participatory social enterprise to create decent mortgage self-servicing homesteads in quantities adequate to meet Africa’s housing needs. In the process, Bomakazi creates mass upgradeable and sustainable employment as well as market-stabilizing food supply. The resultant settlements meet the quadruple bottomline - social, spiritual, ecological and economic gains – with over 30 advantages including universal shelter affordability, climate change combat, meaningful neighborliness, superior child nurture, strong families, physical and financial security, popular psyche industrialization and cultural renaissance. This homegrown paradigm, emanating from the learning at the Nyumbani Village, Kitui and other projects, was designed and partly tested by Kariuki Kiragu and others from March 2013. See https//
BORAQS Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity surveyors, the body mandated by government to register and manage the behavior of Architects and Quantity surveyors.
Ecological resource Supply of ecological importance from which benefits are derived and required for sustainable normal co-existence of native and human well-being.
Economic Pertaining to the production of distribution and use of income, wealth and commodities
Mtaala A residential estate comprising more than 100 Rozabods with common cooperative-run auxiliary facilities which underpin the Rozabod social, spiritual, environmental and economic functions – a concept based on lessons from the Nyumbani Village, Kitui development. It is designed to be largely independent in water, waste, energy and other utilities. Its size is determined by economies of scale, need, socio-technical as well as administrative capacity.
Quadruple bottom-line Level of measure of project benefits in a holistic manner. Conventional projects are designed to respond to economic, mostly monetary, factors. With climate change awareness, human rights and ICT development, benefits in the social and ecological spheres are included. To this are added the spiritual aspects, such as self-awareness, happiness, confidence, trust and goodwill, resulting in the quadruple-bottomline holistic development paradigm which is necessarily trans-disciplinary in nature.
Rozabod Socio-ecologically sound, decent family residence-cum-business that services its own mortgage loan from urban agriculture, eco-technology, telecommuting and other designed domestic economic activities. There are many size, design and self-finance model mortgage variations with some generating surplus revenue for the household use. With suitable financial and structural arrangements, Rozabods are accessible after a 0-20 % down payment.
Single bottom-line Monetary returns on project investment which is the most common benefit of conventional projects. The profit motive, a one legged stool, has driven the globe into energy and economic crises, depreciating currencies, war, climate change, inequity due to the lack of holistic integration with social, spiritual, ecological and non-monetary economic factors.
Social resources Also known as social capital, is a term in sociology that defines anticipated shared or economic benefits derived from privileged treatment and support between individuals and groups which translates into social network value. Individuals and groups are more productive due to their social contacts as other forces, such as trust, goodwill and common moral codes come into play due to mutual acquaintance and respect.
Spiritual resources Pertaining to the spirit as the seat of moral or religious nature, as related to the mind and intellect and opposed to material things. It is closely related to aesthetics, feelings, behavior and non-material relations to others.
Sustainable employment generation paradigm. (sEGp) A model using African heritage and local resources to generate mass upgradeable and sustainable employment through guided artisan peer-training to directly and indirectly supply affordable essential commodities in Africa continental and diaspora. With housing as the entry point the other sequential commodities are food and agro-equipment, energy, industrialization, communications and automation. This paradigm, aiming to achieve full employment, stop African conflicts, obliterate poverty and foster homegrown development is an on-going process, designed and partly tested by Kariuki Kiragu and others in 2000-2014. See https//
Virtuous circles A series of complex, mutually synergizing events which reinforce themselves through a feed-back loop. A virtuous circle has favorable results while a vicious one is detrimental.