About Bomakazi Systems

  1. Bomakazi Systems was registered to manage the Sustainable Shelter And Employment Generation Paradigm also known as Bomakazi
  2. This was after 2½ years of detailed design work showed Bomakazi viability and elicited government support

Bomakazi Systems:

  1. Administers the government-financier-consultant-client partnership
  2. Forms the Inaugural Mtaala Implementation Umbrella
  3. Delivers the comprehensive Bomakazi design and implementation schedules
  4. Optimizes the program to broad African interests and growth
  5. Coordinates activities of the homeowners, financiers, artisans, government and other partners
  6. Creates a physical and virtual hub around which all stakeholders coalesce
  7. Oversees transition into other sEGp phases

Bomakazi Advisory Board


Prof. Henry Thairu

Prof. Henry Thairu – Chairman, University Education Council


Mr. Nathan Kureba

Chief Architect, Works Department, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development

Mr. Ibrahim N. Mwathane

CEO, Landscape surveyors and Chairman, the Land Development and Governance institute

Mr. Moses Gatana

Deputy Director, Directorate of Housing, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development

Dr. Janet Kabeberi -Macharia,

Head, Gender Security, UNEP

Mr. John Njagi

CEO, Ecospace Consultants, Quantity Surveyors

Key personnel

Mr. Kariuki Kiragu

Managing Director, Bomakazi founder, Designs Solutions and Interior Designers director and shadaonline coordinator deeply involved in holistic living environment design, social enterprise and eco-technology. Past works include Nyumbani Village, Kitui.

Mr. Francis Wachira

Marketing Director, CEO Bridge Promotions and Marketing, publishes the Kenya Book of Records and has promoted various brands for East African Breweries.

Dr. Nicholas Syano

Agro-ecologist, CEO Drylands Nature Resource Centre and its 2affiliates. Currently teaching at Nairobi University he is a pioneering aquaponics expert and past Nyumbani Village Program Manager.

Mr. Alex Karimi

Strategy Director
An electrical/electronics and communications engineer also knowledgeable in real estate and corporate affairs, strategy and tactics as well as accounting practices, in top development funding organizations.

Mr. Tom Tambo

Technical Director, Field expedient Appropriate Building Materials and Technology (ABMT) specialist and Technical Director, Symbol Consult.

Mr. Mathai S. Gichiri

Consultant, Land economist and valuer, Director, Chrisca Real Estate Consulting Valuers, Nairobi

Mrs. Esther Mwangi

Acting Legal Director, A very efficient privately practicing lawyer and advocate who specializes in land and property.